Why Call a Lawyer for Any Charges

Many people think minor charges, such as traffic violations, or a first charge for simple drug possession, are not a big deal, so they do not call a lawyer. Most think they cannot afford to pay for a CA drug defense. Both assumptions are not accurate. Several Drug Crime Lawyers in Los Angeles offer free initial consultations, and some charge a flat fee to represent those accused. Financial concerns can be discussed, and payment arrangements can be determined in most cases. That should never be the reason someone does not seek legal counsel. Make the call, if one lawyer cannot help, call another one. There are plenty of choices, so call until one is willing to be helpful.

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The thinking that a minor charge is no big deal is flawed on a few levels. First, it is possible human rights were violated, or an innocent mistake was made during the arrest. If a traffic light malfunctioned in Torrance, for example, charges should be dropped. A lawyer would consider that an option for a defense. One minor traffic violation may not be a problem, but they could add up quickly. That can lead to major issues for the accused. A drug charge for simple possession may not seem major, but it can damage a reputation, make employment difficult, or add to problems at home. A conviction would also be an issue in any future incidents. Those in possession of a small amount of drugs, or drugs in a single package, may be eligible for rehabilitation. Charges can be dropped upon successful completion of treatment. That is yet another defense option.

Getting some charges reduced can mean the difference between a fine and three years in prison. A charge of drug possession lawyers for sale is automatically considered a felony, if the accused has a prior conviction for a serious offense. Having that charge reduced to simple possession becomes very important. Other areas of practice include violent crimes, parole or probation violations, child endangerment, theft, border arrests, and financial crimes, among others. The first call when any charges are made should be to a lawyer. The average person from Long Beach will have no clue of what possible options are for defense, or what to consider to get charges thrown out or dropped. A lawyer is needed because the prosecutor, the judge, a social worker, or any other official will not, or cannot provide those accused with detailed information.

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